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Assisted and back office devices

They facilitate the industrialization of processes through configurable software and hardware to cover different operations in cash centers, ideal for banks and CITs.

  • The collection and management of high volume of cash is possible through an optimal combination of components for the acceptance and recycling of money at high speed incorporated in Intimus solutions.
  • We allow industrialization for the supply of change kits, or dynamic kits for salary or pension payments at high speed and productivity, reducing bank management costs and risk in manual bagging operations.

Argenteo allows the combination of coins and banknotes in the same kit through configuration for processing.

High increase in the productivity of the packaging manufacturing process.

Possibility of combining modular kits for paying payroll and pensioners.

Reduces banking expenses and risk of handling and manual bagging operations for banks and CITs.

It allows the packaging of coins at an industrial level.

Ideal for bank and CIT cash centers.

Dispenses each denomination in its bag and all bags are linked together forming one single kit for the POS.

Simplifies coin supply logistics to retailers. Costs like coin wrappers, wrapping paper, wrapping times, etc. disappear.

Horus is the Intimus online platform for remote management of the entire park of own or third-party machines.

With a modular design, we adapt through configuration according to the functional coverage that the client wants.

Functional scope:

  • Control panel
  • Management:

    • Users
    • Roles
    • Machines
    • Locations
    • Companies
    • Alarm rules
  • Operations