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Payment kiosk

Hardware and software adaptable to the different user experience needs; ideal for banks, utility companies and gaming rooms.

  • Fast, secure and reliable banknote and coin recycling devices with the possibility of interconnection to different authorizing hosts for payments and collection.
  • Adaptable software with wide functional coverage from the collection for game rooms, bingo halls and casinos, change denominations of banknotes and coins, as well as for bank deposit functionalities, cash withdrawals and payments.
  • Eliminate entire cash management for employees. Protecting your business and your employees.
  • It allows centralizing the total or partial collection of other devices, such as gaming room machines, front office machines or POS software.
  • Reduce cash out by reusing the money you receive, considerable reduction of the tied up cash.
  • It allows dividing the on-site risk acting as a dissuasive and inhibitor to thefts.
  • Remote Control and Web Services that facilitate the centralization of information for control and maintenance.
  • Equipment with the latest generation components that incorporates a wide variety of security measures allowing cash to be kept safe and controlled.

High-capacity payment kiosk for recycling banknotes and coins, equipped with reliable software with the greatest functional coverage for Gaming rooms, Bingos and Casinos.

Compatible with banking software.

The Tesera Pro ATM combines coin acceptance with coin and bill recycling, providing greater coin storage capacity.

Ideal for operations with high turnover of coins for the gambling sector or payments services.

Brios High-capacity banknotes recycler is ideal for operations with a high volume of banknotes in payment and collection transactions.

The management of return in payment operations is executed through tickets or virtual balance.



Tesera designed in a lightweight format with medium storage capacity that facilitates risk control in the handling of loading and unloading.

Ideal for locations with a high transactional flow of low amount.

Adaptable software for public transportation and bill payment – Compatible with banking software.