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About us

We are a company based in Getafe (Madrid), Spain, dedicated to the development and manufacture of solutions for the automation and management of cash and payments, as well as physical security elements.

We have our own engineering teams with extensive experience in the industry and the market.

Cash & Payment Solutions

About us

Solutions to automate processes in the management of cash and other means of payment.

Physical Security

About us

Safes and machines to protect and manage money and valuables.

We specialise in optimising the cash cycle through three innovation levers: 

Approach, Methodology and Technology.

Founded in 1956, we have been a company that has always excelled by innovation and continuous improvement. Throughout its history, this approach has allow us to launch to the market solutions capable of transforming and improving cash management processes in different sectors, especially retail and gaming.

Intimus Cash & Payment solutions combines a proven and consolidated presence in the national market with a strong international presence reinforced as part of Intimus Group.

About us