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Machines that allow to take advantage of the recycling, acceptance and dispensing of banknotes and coins to cover the functional purpose for your business.

  • Flexible configuration solution with different banknote and coin solutions from deposit to recycling to suit specific requirements.
  • With a modular design for loading and unloading cash, facilitating maintenance and quick access to all elements.
  • Greater control of the closing of the day and change of shift, facilitating the reuse of the same cash for the supply of coins and banknotes based on the appropriate modular configuration.
  • Reduces the risk of suffering cash skimming, improving staff productivity, cost savings and increased security.
  • Reduces workload by increasing efficiency and reducing risks in the cash handling process.

They allow taking advantage of the cash cycle through an increase in productivity, optimizing costs and times in its management.

  • Speed up the opening processes with the dispensing of low denomination cash for tills and the closing process with the verification of the money.
  • Reduce the risk and the workload of the processes in the back office.
  • Time standardization.
  • Automatic traceability and accounting.
  • They enable the configuration of change kits or access to free demand as required.
  • Reduce the volume of money in the store when using it, eliminating redundant processes and costs.
  • Possibility of configuration with a Cash Deposit.